Bring your team together

With Stalmanager the whole team is always in the loop on what is happening at the stables - even when not everyone is around.

  • Every horse has a personal page
  • Notes, documents and pictures all neatly organized.
  • Never in the dark about the tasks of the day.
  • Improve the day-to-day care by using share calendars and our one of a kind feeding schedules.
  • Easy setup in no-time.
  • Fixed price - no hidden fees.

One place for all your valuables

The central place for all communication in the stable and the storage of data about the horses and other stable animals.

Contacts - Manage the contact details of caretakers, stable tenants, trainer, vet, farrier.

Animal records - All information about the horses and stable animals in one place. Save photos, videos, results and information about nutrition and medication.

Agenda - But different agendas and determine your own schedule using color labels. Link appointments to the horses and stable mates and never miss an appointment with built-in reminders.

Nutrition - Manage products and create your own nutrition plans. Consult the feeding schedule via the mobile app or print the schedule per barn or site.



Create shared calendars and know what is happening



Store appointments and test results from health specialists



Each horse has its own nutrition plan. Make your own feeding schedules.

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