Manage your contacts

Make sure everyone at the stables has access to the correct contact information. It is important that everyone can always reach the right people, especially in an emergency.

With Stalmanager you can easily save all contacts related to your stable. You can easily link people to a horse's file and indicate which relationship the person has with each horse.


Every horse has its own file

Create a well-arranged file for each animal. Each file is provided with a cover page with basic data and a clear history.

Each file includes:

  • A timeline
  • Contacts
  • Specialist reports
  • Document management
  • Your own feeding schedule

A clear timeline

Get away from your old whiteboard and forget the messy WhatsApp group conversations. The Stalmanager log provides an overview of all communication in the house.

The log has no storage limit and all history therefore remains available, even if you are years later. You don't always know in advance what information may be important later.

Link a message to people, horses and with the help of categories you will always find the correct message. Think of it as your stable's personal timeline.

Gezamelijke agenda

Shared calendars

Better planning means better care.

Easily create multiple shared agendas, for example for grooming, the use of the slopes or to indicate who is present at the stable.

Easily link appointments and events to the horses and people in the stable and send automatic reminders via email or the Stalmanager app.

Always the right nutrition

With the built-in feeding schedules, everyone in the stable knows what each horse gets to eat. This is especially useful when there are several people on duty. 

Each horse has its own ration, which can be easily adjusted. Every adjustment can be automatically recorded in the history, so that you can always find what the ration looked like a year earlier.


Specialist reports

The last visit of the farrier, horse dentist or results of a blood test - save it in Stalmanager.

Whether it's a regular visit, photo of an injury or report in PDF - it's all equally easy to save. You never know when you'll need it again and it can always be found within seconds.

Everyone in the loop

We have certainly seen recently how important it is to keep everyone informed. During Covid, not everyone could be present in the stable at the same time and communication was more important than ever. 

With announcements, notifications and reminders you can make sure that everyone is informed without any extra effort and that the right people receive a message as soon as necessary.

Iedereen op de hoogte

Available on all your devices

Stalmanager is available on all devices via the web application. And for extra functions on the road there are the Stalmanager apps for iOS and Andoid.

Stalmanager is fully offered from the Cloud and all data is securely stored and sent encrypted. We take care of the backups so you don't have to do this yourself. So nice!

Try it yourself

Ready to take your stable and team to the next level? You can easily try Stalmanager yourself by starting a trial period. The trial period is completely non-binding and runs automatically. 

In our trial period, we don't do mandatory sales calls, endless questionnaires or leave payment details.

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